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Taneshia Cook

Chief Executive Officer

Taneshia is the Owner and Founder of Front and Center Activities Ltd.  A nonprofit organization designed to help advocate for Youth, Minorities, Women and Seniors to have premium opportunities in Business, Wellness and Sports. 

Taneshia designed a Youth Scholarship program to help alleviate financial hardships that can often threaten the opportunities afforded in organized sports within our local communities. 

Taneshia is also MBA professional with over 20 years of technical management.

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Karon Winston


Karon currently works as Director of Operations and Administration in Atlanta, Georgia, for the nonprofit facility Lutheran Towers.

Karon has over 16 years of nonprofit experiences which includes, Senior Housing, HUD occupancy,

Compliance, Business Management
Training and Team Development.

With both Karon's background and experiences of non -profits, she makes a great leader and partner for the FACA advocacy and scholarship programs.


Nkenge Green

Vice President

Nkenge is a licensed attorney in the state Georgia. She has over 10 years of  litigation experience. Her passion is to use the law to access power for the voiceless.

Nkenge areas of expertise are Family Law, Criminal Law and Guardian Ad Litem with a commitment is to empower her clients and to advocate on their behalf.

Nkenge's legal background and passion to help those in need, makes a great partnership for FACA advocacy and scholarships programs.


Mia Harris


Mia has worked in technical management and technical support for over 25 years. Her experiences include Project Management, Payroll Management, Human Resources Management and Strategic Planning for large telecommunications industry leader AT&T.

Mia's background with administrating and managing various IT systems, including payroll software, makes her a great partner to the team.

Mia also shares a passion for helping individuals that are less fortunate, and often volunteers and donates to  charity organizations such as  The Make a Wish Foundation.


Ashley Pass


Ashley is the Owner and CEO of her very own Cosmetics Online Store, Pass Cosmetics LLC. Ashley has a passion for organic and natural foods and products, which encouraged her to start her own manufacturing line of organic lip glosses, body oils and more. 

Ashley also has a background in working with large warehouse and inventory companies, such as the Amazon Fulfillment Center. Ashley's entrepreneur mindset and experience makes her a great asset to the FACA team.

Image by Perry Grone

Our Vision: To engage and empower Woman, Minorities, Seniors, and Youth of the community, with better Opportunities for their Business, Wellness and Sports Activities.


Front and Center Activities is Building a Team of Advocates

Front and Center Activities has a purpose with helping individuals gain opportunities to pursue their passions.

Front and Center Activities will provide youth sport scholarships to local candidates,  to ensure all students that desire to participate have a financial  equal opportunities in organize sports.

Front and Center Activities will provide wellness workshops in our communities to help bring awareness of the many health benefits to our various activities. 

Front and Center Activities also wants to help individuals build their foundations or small businesses based on an undeniable presence in how they pursue their passion from day to day with social and communities needs such as:

  • Arts

  • Organic Eating

  • Yoga

  • Marketing

  • Dance

  • Technical

  • Mental Illness

  • Veterans

  • Music/Video/Commercial/Production